I Love Rural Life – Not Really Love

by eager-herschel

Is it possible to love rural life? That is the question that haunts writers, and particularly writers who are writing about rural life, especially writers who happen to be very lucky or who are exceptionally talented.

How can you love rural life if you can never see a city? The answer is simple. If you live in a city, then you live in a city.

No matter how much you believe you know or are in love with rural life, you will realize soon enough that there is no true love or experience that you can have in a city that cannot be found in a rural area. For one thing, the people in a city tend to be different.

Unlike rural areas, people in urban life are more accepting of differences. A person in urban life would never think twice about not having a family or a relationship, or being single. In other words, people in cities tend to be more individualistic than urban dwellers.

People in a rural area tend to be more individualistic than others, and therefore they are often more comfortable with themselves. This might explain why so many rural people seem to have a special affinity for the older kinds of marriages, whether they are religious or not.

You can find individuals from rural areas who have experienced rejection by their families, but this does not mean that they have always loved the family that rejected them. It also does not mean that they do not have a genuine affection for their hometowns. And this fact is what brings all writers to rural areas.

Individualistic, accepting, or as C.S. Lewis once said, romantic, rural people, and writers from those areas, can be very interesting and relatable.

The writers that I have written about were born in specific areas. However, they have been able to write about their own times, often by focusing on specific areas that were unique to their own experiences.

Loving what you do is actually quite similar to loving who you are, and the fact that I love my hometown has helped me to write in many ways. Because I was raised in a small town in Michigan, I love it allows me to write about it.

I grew up in a house where feelings of anger, envy, pride, and lust were all present, and most times these feelings of love, hate, and happiness were not expressed at the same time. I have chosen to be single and I have chosen to be alone because of those feelings. This is what the rural life brings, and it does not make me jealous or spiteful.

I love to paint because it is my calling, but it also makes me happy because it involves a lot of painting. It takes a lot of self-discipline to keep my hand still and my mind focused on the painting at all times.

Because I love writing about my rural area, I love the fact that I am able to write about what I love. I also love the fact that I am able to express those feelings in my writing. Rural life is not necessarily love, but it is not necessarily hate either.

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