My Funny and Interesting Family Stories

by eager-herschel

As parents, we are constantly looking for stories to share with our children that will be meaningful. Let’s face it, we want to use our children’s stories to create memories that will last forever and give our children a sense of how important to us they are.

There are many ways to tell a meaningful family story. However, as a parent, I prefer to use the following as I find that they resonate with my kids the best.

What follows is one story after another. In this article I will briefly describe each of them so you can begin creating your own meaningful stories for your children.

First is a short story about my daughter, Catherine. We were talking about her family tree and I told her that if she had her own grandparent, she’d have a lot of cousins because they all looked alike.

She agreed and then I told her that she might find some funny family members that didn’t look alike and wondered what happened to them. This story can be quite funny at times and can touch on many things in the life of children.

The second story I use is of a grandmother named Ruth, who recently passed away and it was said that her grandchildren would know when to come for dinner because her grandchildren’s grandparents name was close by. She didn’t like to have strangers over for dinner, but had an annual dinner party for her grandchildren and now she has been gone for some time.

Her beloved grandson, Cody, has built a beautiful garden in her memory and she now loves to walk through it each day. The garden is full of memories of her beautiful life in general.

The third story was of a father’s grandfather, who went to prison in his younger years and was released after serving his time. It was said that his wife moved away and he never saw her again.

The fourth story was very interesting, and I guess I must have told it enough times to get an interesting story out of my granddaughter. But the story starts with the words: “My daughter came home one day from school and she said, ‘I want to go for a walk.’

Now you know how life can change and quickly when your own mother or father is no longer there. This was told to me by one of my granddaughter’s friends.

Finally, there was a grandfather who lived near my daughter’s Grandparent’s house and the next day, my granddaughter was driving her Grandmother’s car. After finding a shoe that she had put there, she brought it home and when she opened the shoe, she found a pair of her Grandparents’ old shoes.

You can see how often having your own grandparent in the family can touch on so many things and how meaningful it can be to share your memories. Creating meaningful family stories is something we are always looking for in our family.

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