Notes When Designing Furniture In The House

by eager-herschel

For most homeowners, leaving notes on furniture in the house is just a matter of habit. But what happens when the same person discovers there is a hole in the wall that’s been there for a while?

You may have noticed a piece of furniture that you thought you knew the entire history of but now it’s hard to believe, well, anyhow. This could be the same kind of thing with kitchen or bathroom cabinets. A note left in the corner from someone who’s passed on, now you’re left wondering whether that would be appropriate furniture.

And then there are other more serious problems with such pieces of furniture. You could have in-house furniture that is not maintained properly or has had, even unwittingly, some object thrown onto it. You might want to have an independent space that’s just for you and your family and this could have a hole in the wall because of someone else’s careless hands.

Imagine when you lose a loved one. You’ve made a memorial plaque to mark the person’s passing and now, as the years pass by, you realize that the plaque is missing. And that’s not the worst part, it’s not just a plaque – the person’s name, the date of birth, the year of death and other related details are also missing.

Imagine finding a misspelled name written in black ink across the desk, with an obvious misspelling of “Park”, along with the date, which means you’ve lost a loved one. It’s easy to think, well, how can something like that happen when everything’s kept clean?

There could be plenty of excuses why a piece of design pieces has become exposed to a lot of unwanted dust. A slip or a bump might have been unavoidable and the damage has already been done.

If a person is living with you, it’s best to leave notes on furniture in the house as the primary precaution to prevent further accidents. It could take a few days to a week for them to dry out but even after that period, a little effort can eliminate any danger of scratching.

A small note on the side of the piece of furniture you want to put notes on can alert others that they should be careful. You might not want a piece of furniture that is so well hidden, but perhaps you’d want a little thing of decor that’s very easy to locate when needed. You don’t want your small note to let the cat in and not alert the whole neighborhood, either.

The shape of the note is important as well. Remember, these are for use only on your furniture – they don’t go on the table or your walls or your floor.

Put in the most pertinent information on the note and try to be very precise. Draw it with care and get it right.

If you want a specific feature of your design to be written on a different piece of furniture, make sure you get that bit of note up first. Don’t waste your time making notes that are off-target because they’ll be too late.

Write the details you want on the small piece of paper, put it on the piece of furniture you want notes on and place the note on the wall and it will stay there. It’s not likely that you’ll make a mistake, unless you’re a professional, so make sure you have it all correct.

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